We, KAICO, have jointly developed an antibody detection kit for COVID19 infections with Protects and completed it as a research reagent.Protects will start an antibody testing service using the antibody detection kit developed with us in October.
We were developing recombinant virus antigens and recombinant anti-virus antibodies for the COVID19, but in May we succeeded in developing the antigen for the spike protein (S protein) trimer of the new coronavirus. We also confirmed that this antigen binds to multiple antibodies. Based on this development result, we jointly developed an antibody detection kit with Protects.
When the vaccine is put into practical use in the future, the need for vaccination can be regularly observed by knowing the presence or absence of antibody.
For this antibody test service, companies, workplaces, groups, etc. apply in bulk, and individuals collect their own blood and send it from the group to the laboratory. A major feature is that you can get an indication of the presence or absence of antibodies by simple work at work or at home.