Service ProductCustom Protein Expression TrialsFrequently asked questions

In your contract expression trial services, are proteins expressed using the baculovirus system subject to Cartagena regulations?

The deliverables from this service are subject to Cartagena regulations. Please handle them in accordance with the regulations when using them.

Generally, custom-made reagents are sold as research reagents not subject to Cartagena Law.

I would like to add options later.

We are flexible with adding options after the project has started. Please feel free to contact our representative for inquiries.

Can I request the same protein again through the contract service framework after using the service once?

Our contract service involves a trial expression using five silkworm pupae. Therefore, if you need the same target protein again, we generally accept orders for custom-made reagents.

Could you provide the service fees?

The service fees vary depending on the project details. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Can you guarantee the yield and purity of the deliverables?

Due to variations in expression and purification levels for each protein, we cannot guarantee specific yields or purities. The standard deliverable quantity is equivalent to five silkworm pupae.

We aim to improve yield and purity through our expression and purification studies.

Can you confirm the activity?

As our service is positioned as a trial expression, we kindly ask our customers to confirm the activity of the expressed protein on their own.