Core Technology

Generally, proteins that are difficult to produce using microbial expression systems such as E. coli or yeast are produced using insect cell or animal cell expression systems.

The silkworm-baculovirus system utilizes the silkworm itself as a bioreactor, allowing for a higher success rate of recombinant protein expression compared to conventional microbial cells or cultured cells. Therefore, proteins that are difficult to produce in those microbes or cells may be producible in this system. Furthermore, with the exception of glycosylation, post-translational modifications of recombinant proteins produced in this system are similar to those in animal cells.

At KAICO, we use the “silkworm-baculovirus expression system” that utilizes Kyushu University’s original baculovirus genome and silkworms as our core technology to express target proteins within the silkworm body.