Core TechnologyOriginal technologies of KAICO

At KAICO, we produce high-quality proteins that are difficult to produce in other expression systems by utilizing Kyushu University’s original highly productive baculovirus strains and our proprietary gene design expertise in our recombinant protein production platform.

Production platform of recombinant proteins


Technology to maximize the protein production capabilities of silkworms.

  • KAICO possesses patented original baculoviruses from Kyushu University, which have higher productivity than natural baculoviruses.
  • Through the recombinant baculoviruses designed with KAICO’s proprietary protein design expertise, high expression levels can be expected even for proteins that could not be produced before.
  • KAICO excels particularly in expressing complex structured or large-sized proteins such as virus-like particles (VLPs), which are difficult to produce using other modalities.
  • It is possible to express VLPs like norovirus VLPs within the silkworm body. (Formed by 180 molecules of a 59kDa protein)

High productivity and reliability.

In order to use living silkworms as bioreactors, concerns remain about maintaining consistent quality. At KAICO, we are improving manufacturing quality to enable a high-quality, perpetual supply. (Currently within the SCARDA project, we are constructing quality standards for active pharmaceuticals for human drugs. ISO 9001 certified for design, development, and manufacturing related to animal feed products.)