information 2024/06/24

The Japan Patent Office to Grant KAICO’s Patent Application

KAICO announces the Japan Patent Office has issued a “Certificate of Patent” for KAICO’s patent application covering the composition of oral vaccine. 

Title of the inventionOral Vaccine Composition
Patent numberWO-2023234407
Registration dateJune 11, 2024
Summary of the Patent

An oral vaccine composition against a porcine circovirus-related disease, the oral vaccine composition comprising a pupa or a cell of a baculovirus infectious insect that has been subjected to an infection treatment with a recombinant baculovirus into which a DNA encoding a porcine circovirus type 2 protein has been introduced and subjected to a freeze-drying treatment.

KAICO’s oral vaccine will contribute to animal health, improve the productivity of livestock, and commit to animal welfare with non-invasive immunization.