Press Release 2024/03/26

Partnership Agreement with Komagane City for the Sustainable Sericulture

KAICO Concludes Partnership Agreement with Komagane City Aimed at “Local Revitalization Through Sustainable Sericulture”

We’re thrilled to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement between KAICO and Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture, focusing on local revitalization through the Komagane Silk Museum project.

The agreement aims to revive sericulture in Komagane, contributing to the local economy and community development. KAICO will purchase all silk cocoons produced under this project as raw materials for oral vaccines and more.

By utilizing only the pupae within the cocoons, we’ll return the empty cocoons to Komagane for potential use in cocoon crafts and silk production, fostering economic growth locally. Additionally, the reforestation of mulberry fields required for sericulture will contribute to CO2 reduction and environmental sustainability.

This collaboration is not only about revitalizing Komagane City’s economy but also about repurposing abandoned land, creating employment opportunities, and sustaining local communities through sericulture revival. Furthermore, the oral vaccines developed using silkworms bred under this agreement will contribute to global public health.