information 2024/05/31

Thai National Innovation Agency Visits KAICO

On May 20th, the National Innovation Agency of Thailand visited the Fukuoka Industry-Academia Symphonicity in Fukuoka City and toured our laboratory.

Dr. Krithpaka Boonfueng, Executive Director of the agency, held and felt the silkworm pupae that serve as the main raw material for our formulations, and introduced the entire process from the expression of the target protein to the swine vaccine / feed additive.

At KAICO, we aim to expand our pig feed additive, which is scheduled to be launched in Vietnam, to other countries including Thailand. In Thailand, where sericulture has been deeply rooted for a long time just like in Japan and the pig farming industry is also thriving, we will broaden the new possibilities of sericulture through KAICO’s unique technology and products.

With KAICO’s oral vaccine, we will contribute to animal health as well as improve the productivity of livestock farmers who live with animals.